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Your 3D conveyor transportation and machine processing sandbox construction kit
Now available on Steam! 

Using conveyors, machines and logic modules you will create inter-connected logistics that produce and store all manner of objects from the basic raw blue ore through to the fabled golden cube. Conveyance rewards progress with faster conveyors, faster machines, and smarter logic modules.

The end game though isn't necessarily to strive to unlock all these things (although that is super fun), rather, it is to explore, construct and improve your small table-sized world of creation to look and behave exactly how you think it should.

Streamlined, compact and efficient...or ridiculously's up to you!



Multiple purpose-built machine types including Miners, Splitters, Containers, Vaults, Factories and Connectors


Powerful 3D node based conveyor system allowing completely flexible belt layout in any direction

Sophisticated Editing

Large collection of custom editing tools including drag, drop, multi-select, clone, extrude and grid-snap


Modules that augment and enhance machine behaviour including speed radar, strobes and switches


Multiple different factory recipes to craft increasingly complex items for your production line

Design Helpers

Above ground 3D helpers including conveyor alignment legs, snappable heights and Level Masking tool